Natco Food's Urgent India Covid Fundraiser 

Natco Foods will match-fund the first £200,000 donations so that your donation will make double the difference.

It has been hard to witness the terrible news coming out of India. The country is recording huge numbers of new infections and deaths. Reports of a collapsed health infrastructure and extreme shortages of oxygen cylinders continue to pour in, leaving people unable to receive the necessary treatment for Covid-related illnesses. Migrants have once again lost their livelihoods due to local lockdowns and closures of businesses. They are leaving cities in droves, making arduous journeys back to hometowns and villages without money or food.

We are fundraising for two fantastic charities that are working on India's frontline. To find out more about the charities and donate, see below. Please join us.

Aajeevika Bureau is helping to curb the impact of COVID in rural Rajasthan and Gujurat, Western India. They are:
1. Setting up COVID treatment centres with beds, ventilators and oxygen.
2. Conducting testing, vaccination drives and home care support.
3. Providing rural communities with accurate information on COVID prevention protocols. 
Visit their website for more information 

Jan Sahas is based in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. They are providing critical care to families and migrants who are affected by the crisis:
1. Running a migrant helpline to provide support and information. 
2. Conducting testing, vaccination drives and home care support.
3. Providing emergency food and medical relief to people who have lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic. 
Visit their website for more information

Urgent Food & Medicine Relief

Many people's livelihoods have disappeared due to the pandemic. The charities are distributing emergency food relief

Support Helplines

Emergency helplines to provide accurate information and support.

Covid Healthcare

Covid Testing, Vaccination Drives and Home Care Support