Papa Gram Flour 1kg

Papa Gram Flour is made from a mix of yellow split peas and chick peas. Milled on our site in Buckingham, it's gluten-free and a great option for coeliacs. Gram Flour is used throughout South Asian cooking including sweets, soups, pakoras, bhajis and other savoury snacks. Check out our range of gram flour products.

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Foundation Earth has given Papa Gram Flour an A rating meaning that it is a very environmentally sustainable product.

Foundation Earth gives each product a rating from A+ to G by assessing the farming, processing, packaging and transport.

Foundation Earth is an independent, non-profit organisation that issues environmental scores on food products, enabling consumers to make more sustainable buying choices.

Here's the ecological impact info for this product:

Typical Value Per 100g Per serving Grade per pack
Carbon (CO2eq) 140g 85g A
Water Usage (L eq) 3700L 2300L D
Water Pollution (PO43-) 0.84g 0.52g A
Biodiversity (Species Loss Index) 0.058 0.036 B