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Biryani Masala Mangal 50g

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The ready mixed base for all Biryani rice dishes. Can be used for Vegetable, Meat or Chicken Biryanis. Marinade ingredients in this mixture and then cook as per instructions.
How to make:
Additional Required ingredients: Basmati rice 300 gm, boiled potatoes 100 gm, chopped carrots 100 gm, boiled peas 100 gm, chopped tomatoes 50 gm, chopped onions 50 gm, roasted cashew nuts 25 gm, ghee 100 gm, yogurt 100 gm.
Method: Boil rice with salt to taste. Heat ghee and add all the vegetables, cook till vegetables are tender. Add 25 gm of Mangal Biryani masala, add salt to taste. Mix the vegetables with boiled rice and yogurt. Serve steaming hot garnished with roasted cashew & saffron. For chicken/meat biryani add 500 gm of chicken /fish/meat in place of the vegetables.
Ingredients: Coriander, turmeric, cumin, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, green elaichi, shajeera ,red chillies, bay leaves & salt.

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